What's Viusid poultry farming?
Viusid ©poultry farming is a nutritional preparation made of antioxidants, vitamins, trace minerals and an element extracted from liquorice root (glycyrrhizinic acid) has demonstrated through different studies to have antiviral properties.

It is common knowledge that consuming antioxidant nutrients is essential to ensure that the immune system works properly. Viusid ©poultry farming constitutes in this sense a guarantee.

The activation of the ingredients of Viusid ©poultry farming increases to a large degree the power of the biological functions of all of them, such as the antioxidant action, without modifying or changing the molecular structure, and assures a very significant increase of the immunological defenses of the organism.

Viusid ©poultry farming is particularly suitable to be used as an adjuvant in different infections and to build up the immune system. It is also a powerful hepatoprotective agent.

Thanks of its composition based on natural ingredients, Viusid ©poultry farming does not have any side effects.

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