Clinical studies
TESTING PROTOCOL FOR Viusid ©poultry farming.

Poultry farm "Granja Milagros", Texcoco, Mexico.- Dr. Martín Gómez Domínguez

This protocol was carried out between de months of May and July 2010 at a poultry farm in Santa Isabel Ixtapa, Texcoco, Mexico, with 10.000 Ross X Ross broiler chicks, of both sexes, that were one day old at the beginning of the test. The broiler chicks were put into two sheds under natural ambient conditions; each shed housing 5.000 birds respectively: 5.000 birds treated with Viusid ©poultry farming and 5.000 untreated birds during the fattening period, constantly administering the product added to the drinking water until 45 days old.

Both groups of poultry birds were vaccinated in the same way. Serological assessment was made by means of the haemagglutination-inhibition test for Newcastle disease an avian influenza at 7 and 49 days old. Respiratory symptoms were looked at very closely, evaluating sneezing, lacrimation, nasal exudate and rales.

The studied parameters were the following: mortality, weight, feed conversion, daily weight gain, and respiratory symptoms.


The differences in weekly and accumulated mortality were always less for the Viusid ©poultry farming treatment group, especially with regard to accumulates mortality, in less than a third.

Weight was always more for the Viusid ©poultry farming treatment group. At day 49 it was 302 grams more than that of the control group, and at the end of the test period the difference was 472 grams in the treatment group over the control group.

Feed conversion in the Viusid ©poultry farming treatment group was 55 points higher as compared to the control group.

Daily weight gain was 6.17 grams higher than in the control group.

With regard to respiratory symptoms, the birds treated with Viusid ©poultry farming remained completely healthy from the beginning of the test(1 day old) to end of the fattening period (62 days old).

The control group had respiratory and digestive disorders in the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th week. Hence the higher mortality rate.

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